2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalogue 
    Feb 18, 2020  
2013-2014 Undergraduate Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Life (Long Island Campus)

In keeping with St. Joseph’s objective of educating the whole person in an environment which permits the student to grow through self-direction and responsibility, the administration and faculty have granted the students a high degree of control over extra-curricular programs and activities. Moreover, the College Governance structure, especially through elected student representation on the College-Advisory Council, encourages students to participate in college policy-making.

The College has a long history of faculty-student cooperation. It is hoped that the sharing of mutual concerns, ideas, and problem-solving will enhance students’ emotional maturity and leadership skills.

The student who is admitted to St. Joseph’s College accepts the requirements and regulations stated in the College Catalogue and the Student Handbook, including the statement on Rights and Responsibilities, the Student Code of Conduct, and the Student Grievance Procedures. The College reserves the right to initiate due process for the dismissal of a student who fails to meet these standards.

Dean of Students and Student Life

The Office of the Dean of Students and Student Life is committed to supporting a vibrant and diverse campus community. The Dean of Students and Student Life is responsible for the planning, development, coordination and supervision of programs, services and activities outside the classroom.

The Dean serves as coordinator for the following: The Offices of Student Activities and Co-Curricular Programs; Multicultural Student Life; Residence Life; Career Development, Wellness and Disability Services; Orientation; Judicial Affairs; Clubs and organizations; Athletics; Campus Ministry; The Wellness Center and Health Services.

The Dean of Students acts as the chief student advocate and assists students who are experiencing problems, personal or otherwise, during their college career. The office is located in Room N302 in O’Connor Hall.

Student Life

Student Life, under direction of the Dean of Students, is designed to create a climate in which students, while developing academically, can at the same time be encouraged to recognize and utilize their potential in every facet of their lives. Each of the activities provided is in some way designed to further development of the student as a whole person and good citizen.

Office of Student Activities and Co-Curricular Programs

This office is the center for co-curricular activities. Under the direction of the Dean of Students and the Director of Student Activities and Co-Curricular Programs, a wide range of cultural, social and educational programs are offered.

New Student Orientation

St. Joseph’s College is committed to making the entrance to college a smooth one. It is in this spirit that, prior to the opening of the fall and spring semesters, orientation programs are planned for all new students. These programs include information workshops, social activities, and tours of the campus. For freshmen, the orientation is continued during the first semester through the Freshman seminar, a course designed to help promote success in college.

Student Government

The Student Government Association (SGA) is composed of all students who pay the prescribed student activity fee. It is vested with all the powers granted by the faculty to the student body. The Senate, the legislative body, under the leadership of the Executive Board, supervises all activities of the student body. It approves the annual budget drawn up by the Budget Committee under the chairmanship of the S.G.A. treasurer and authorizes the expenditure of the remaining funds; it admits new organizations to the S.G.A. and approves the constitutions of all clubs and committees under its jurisdiction.

Student Activities

Students at St. Joseph’s enjoy the intimacy of a small college and the advantages of the many cultural and recreational facilities in nearby metropolitan New York. Within the College, clubs, social events and co-curricular events are initiated by the students according to their interests. Some of the more popular events include comedy nights, guest lecturers, sports events, the Annual Spring Gala and forums on current issues.


To be in compliance with New York State law and the regulations of the New York State Department of Health, all students born after January 1, 1957 must submit documentation of immunization against measles, rubella, and mumps before they may attend class. The medical health form must be filled out by a doctor/health care provider. These forms can be found in the Office of Career Development, Wellness and Disability Services. We further request that students make known any serious disability they may have so that, in the event of their sudden illness on campus, we may provide the proper care. This information will not be placed in their permanent records file. The information will be kept on file in the Office of Career Development, Wellness and Disability Services. Failure to register this information frees the College from any responsibility for special treatment in the event of illness.

St. Joseph’s College requires all full-time undergraduate students to carry medical insurance. Students may waive the college-sponsored plan by providing proof that they are covered under another comparable medical insurance plan. In addition, all students are covered under a basic accident plan which carries a small mandated fee. Information is available in the Office of the Dean of Students and Student Life.

Health Services Office

The Health Services Office meets the health-related needs of St. Joseph’s College students and prepares them for lifelong wellness through educational workshops and outreach.

Campus Security

Information on campus security procedures is provided in a brochure distributed to all members of the college community. The U.S. Department of Education maintains a crime statistics web site: http://ope.ed.gov/security. To access data, go to the web site and click on “Get data for one institution/campus.” Type in name of institution—saint josephs college—(no apostrophe used). Enter “Patchogue” for institution city. The crime statistics will follow.

Spiritual and Religious Development

The Office of Campus Ministry seeks to instill in the life of the college its core values, which are integrity, service, social responsibility, intellectual and spiritual values. Through our community outreach and reverence for the sacred, Campus Ministry participates in the creation of a world with respect and dignity for all. Faculty, staff, and students are invited to participate in ecumenical services, Eucharist celebrations, film discussions, lectures, as well as outreach services to local and global communities in need, and fundraising activities for charitable organizations. The Community Service Resource Center is housed in this office. Participation in all religious services is optional. The services of campus ministers of different faiths are available.

Office of Career Development, Wellness and Disability Services

The Office of Career Development, Wellness and Disability Services provides free services that allow students to speak with a counselor in a non-judgmental environment about various issues ranging from personal concerns to planning future career paths. The office assists students by providing the following services:

Personal Counseling

During their college years, students sometimes encounter obstacles in their lives that may impede their academic progress. A psychologist and counselors are available to meet with students on an individual basis to help them explore their thoughts and concerns in a confidential environment.

Career Counseling

Career counseling is provided to students who wish to explore occupational interests through the career library, in-house publications and Internet access. Services include resume and cover letter assistance, interview preparation, internship coordination, employment search and graduate school information.


The Office is the first step to obtaining information about internship opportunities. If students wish to receive credit for internship placement, they must go through the department chairperson of their major.

Graduate Study Information

The Office is a resource for graduate school information, including catalogs, program offerings and educational workshops. Information is available about qualifying examinations such as MCAT, GRE, LSAT and GMAT. Consultation is also available through departmental offices.

Services for Students with Disabilities

The main objectives of the Office are to:

  • Ensure students with disabilities equal access to all programs and services at St. Joseph’s College
  • Record appropriate accommodations based on documented dis-abilities
  • Encourage independence by teaching students self-advocacy skills
  • Assist students with transferring skills learned in the classroom to settings outside of the classroom
  • Serve as a liaison and resource for the faculty and staff to facilitate awareness and appreciation for students with disabilities.

Academic Counseling

Although the Academic Dean is primarily responsible for the supervision of the academic climate and development of students, chairpersons and members of the departments, the faculty advisors, and the Office of Career Development, Wellness and Disability Services also provide academic counseling.

The Wellness Center

The Wellness Center provides a range of services and programs that support the holistic development of all students in body, mind and spirit. The mission is to provide counseling and psychological services to St. Joseph’s College students in order to support their emotional, social and psychological well-being.