2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog 
    Apr 02, 2020  
2015-2016 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Student Life (SJC Long Island)


Office of the Vice President for Student Life

The Office of the Vice President for Student Life works collaboratively with all members of the college community to create an environment where all students can learn and develop to their fullest potential through a broad range of co-curricular, extracurricular and service-oriented experiences.  The office values opportunities to work closely with students on compliance of college policies and regulations found in the College Catalog, Student Handbook, and Code of Conduct and to assist students in attaining their goals and becoming good citizens and leaders.

Office of Student Involvement and Leadership

The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership provides a variety of co-curricular and extracurricular programs and activities that foster student leadership, student service and student success.  Some of the programs include academic and community oriented forums, sport events, guest lecturers, comedy nights and an Annual Spring Gala.

 New Student Orientation - The Office of Student Involvement and Leadership collaborates with other college offices to provide New Student Orientation Programs for all entering students. Students and their parents are invited to attend an Orientation Program that includes workshops, campus tours and social activities. Freshmen are also enrolled in Freshmen Year Experience, a first semester course designed to equip students with the strategies needed to succeed in college.

Student Government - The Director of the Office of Student Involvement and Leadership advises the Student Government Association (SGA). St. Joseph’s College students who pay a student activity fee, are members of the SGA. The SGA Executive Board, comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, are elected by the student body. The SGA Executive Board provides leadership over the Senate, which is comprised of student club presidents.

Office of Multicultural Student Life

The Office of Multicultural Student Life develops, implements and sponsors educational and cultural programs that promote diversity initiatives at St. Joseph’s College. The office collaborates with college offices, student clubs and college and community organizations to enhance multicultural awareness for students, faculty and staff.

Counseling and Wellness and Student Health Services

The Counseling and Wellness Center offers a wide range of free and confidential, holistic services that include therapeutic counseling, alternative modalities, outreach programs and intervention services which include immunization record compliance and medical leaves of absence.

Student Health Services provides emergency response to accidents and injuries occurring on campus and addresses the personal health needs of students through information and personal health screening which includes blood pressure screening and blood glucose screening.

Office of Career Development And Engagement

The Office of Career Development and Engagement provides a range of supportive services to students.  Students are assisted in exploring and discovering possible career paths, and in developing strategies that enable them to make mindful career decisions.  The office collaborates with the academic departments to assist students in selecting a major program of study and it prepares students for internship placements.  The office also provides information on graduate and professional schools and examinations including the MCAT, GRE, LSAT and GMAT.

Campus Ministry

The Office of Campus Ministry supports the mission of the college and the department by offering a variety of community outreach and ecumenical activities that are open to all students, faculty and staff. Eucharist celebrations, film discussions, lectures, charitable fund raising activities and outreach services to local and global communities provide opportunities for students to serve others.  Participation in all religious services is optional and services by campus ministers of different faiths are available.