2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalogue 
    Oct 14, 2019  
2014-2015 Undergraduate Catalogue [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Criminal Justice, B.S. (Professional Studies, Both Campuses)

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Barbara Morrell, Ph.D., Chairperson
Joseph E. Pascarella, Ph.D., Associate Chairperson

The B.S. degree in Criminal Justice is designed to provide students with a fundamental understanding of the nature of crime and criminal law in society as well as the workings of police, courts, and corrections—the essential components of the criminal justice system. Students will be equipped with the necessary skills and insights to understand the complex issues surrounding crime and the criminal population.

Professional Studies

Students pursuing the B.S. in Criminal Justice within Professional Studies would be expected to have post secondary education and training and have acquired, through experience, the skills and knowledge appropriate to the degree. 

The Department reserves the right to require an additional English writing course(s) at any point in a student’s program if deemed appropriate based on the student’s writing level.


Elective Tracks: 9 Credits

The following tracks are offered as areas of concentration for Criminal Justice majors.

Students must complete at least one track:

Community Correctional Alternatives: 9 Credits

Choose 3 of the following

Juvenile Justice: 9 Credits

Take CJ 257, Juvenile Justice, and Choose 2 of the remaining courses:

Law and Justice: 9 Credits

Choose 3 of the following:

Mental Health: 9 Credits

Choose 3 of the following

Technology and the Criminal Justice System: 9 Credits

 Choose 3 of the following

Liberal Arts Electives: 19-28 Credits

Other Electives: 47-56 Credits

Total: 128 Credits

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